Unusual ways to wear a white shirt

white shirt outfits

No wardrobe is complete without having at least one humble white shirt. One of the most benefits of having a white shirt is you can wear it anywhere and anytime. You can create every kind of look with the white shirt such as classy, trendy, formal, etc. A white shirt can offer you an elegant look through which you can attract people soon. You can wear white shirts in any season even in summer as the white absorbs low heat. Here are some unusual ways to wear white shirt, you can wear it accordingly to set a trend for you as unique.

For work

Button up a crisp white button all the way down and tuck in it into a midi skirt which is uniformly pleated. To stay chic and comfortable for the entire day you can pair that with a slip into a pair of heeled boots. You can roll up the sleeves of the blazer and allow those white buttons of your white shirt to hang down longer for a cooler look. You can have white shirt outfits ideas on casual Fridays by breaking out the short suits and allowing your trusty white button to fall down. This always offers you a good and comfortable look.

dark denim

For a date

Take the classic trouser and blouse formula directly for the date night by some works around the neckline. You pull your top up and open it around the region of the shoulders to express a little more skin in that area. To have a polished and playful look, you can have a white shirt underneath a blazer dress. You can wear flared leg leather trousers as that would add a touch of rock and roll to the form of a structured blouse.

For the weekend

You can pair an oversize white blouse with a long black legging for a day time look. By having polished accessories like beret and brogues, you can play up your look. If you are planning for an evening time then you can find a white shirt that is cropped or it may have some sort of details in the cinched-waist and wear it with a skinny jean to have a perfect look. If you are confused with your outfit better go with dark denim and a white shirt.

Bottom line

These details would provide you with some ideas of wearing a normal white shirt in an unusual way. Make use of it to have a trendy and classy look and create a unique fashion.