What makeup looks best with blonde hair?

blonde hair

If you have blonde hair, you will know that you have to choose the perfect makeup colors to suit your hair tone. Choosing the perfect makeup colors can be very hard, but for that, you will need some tips which can lead you to the best makeup looks which will suit your blonde hair color. If you choose the wrong foundation or wrong mascara, then it will ruin your whole makeup look.

Finding the right makeup that looks best with blonde hair, like on this article, can be difficult but not impossible. Following is the detailed guide which will help you to find a great look.

Right mascara

This is one of the essential things which will define your best makeup for blondes. You have to take your time and choose the right mascara for your look. If you are blonde, you will know that you have very pale eyelashes that will need the darker mascara shade to pop to them. When you are in the market, you have to choose the voluminous mascara, which will add extra volume to your eyelashes. You also have to buy a mascara remover of good quality.

blonde hair makeup

Understand your skin tone

If you want to avoid some embarrassing incident with your foundation, you must first understand your skin tone. You have to focus on whether your undertone is cold or warm because all the makeup products will be based on this. If your veins in the wrist area are blue, you have a cold, which means you have to buy the foundation, powder, or concealer concerning the tone.

If your veins in the wrist area are green, you have a warm undertone, which means you have to buy all the products with a friendly label.

Focus on natural tones

If you want the best makeup looks for everyday life that will suit your blonde hair, you have to play with light and natural colors. There are some lipstick color looks good with blonde hair such as pink or nude. Focusing on the pink tones will give your face a natural texture. You also have to focus on the eyeliner color.

For everyday use, you can use black eyeliner with a thin stroke. It will add little drama to your look. You can also try green or blue eyeliner for your fabulous look. Being blonde, you have to have all neutral color lipsticks in your bag for touch-ups.