5 Ways to make hair grow faster at home

healthy hair

The hair grows from a root at the bottom of a follicle under your skin. There are a lot of factors that contribute to your hair growth, but physical stimulation is one of the important factors. The physical stimulation includes massaging in your scalp, it helps to secrete the blood flow equally in your scalp and this improves your hair growth. Here are some of the ways to make hair grow faster at home are listed below.

Check your protein intake

Taking a well-balanced diet with an adequate protein is important for optimal hair growth.  Protein intake is one of the important tips for faster growth.  So you need to take your protein diet properly every day.

Improve your nutrient profile

Especially, the specific vitamins, proteins and fatty acids are important for your overall health and it also the health of your hair growth.  The researchers show that if you massage your hair for one day in the week helps to promote your hair growth.  So do a scalp massage to improve your hair growth? Energy to your body that is needed for your hair growth. This includes biotin, iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and E.

nutrient profile

Scalp massage

The scalp massage helps you to promote relaxation and relieve stress and it also helps to boost the health of your hair growth.

Rinse with cool water

The hot water can cause dryness on your skin and it is damaging your hair growth. If you wash your hair with cool water will help you to close the cuticle and strengthen your hair follicles for pre-styling.

Do castor oil treatment to improve your hair growth

The castor oil has the properties of antifungal and antibacterial that are preventing your hair growth without any scalp infections. It is filled with omega-6 fatty acids, proteins and other nutrients.

Final thoughts

Follow the above-mentioned tips and make your hair grow faster and healthy at home.