Diversity and Equality statement

Here at Untitled Studio, I am very mindful of the importance of ensuring I do better in all areas of addressing matters of diversity and equality on this blog.

I have, in recent times, become aware that the influencer industry was often not a particularly diverse industry. I felt that some brands were not thinking hard enough about the content creators they were working with, and back in 2019 I vowed to only work with brands that could ensure a diverse campaign.

I will ensure that whenever I feature anything other than my own personal style or subjects directly relating to events in my life, diversity and equality will be at the forefront of my mind in my writing and features.

Zero tolerance – comments

Untitled Studio is an actively anti-racist space, and I expect respect and decency overall in the comments section:

Any racist comments or interactions on this blog or related social media platforms will not be tolerated.

Any comment that is disrespectful, rude or hostile will not be tolerated.

I maintain the right to delete such comments and immediately block the offending party.

Furthermore, I encourage debate that is fair, kind and non-judgmental, but unsolicited advice and criticism that has NOT been requested will also not be tolerated. I do not believe in brutal honesty or criticising anyone unnecessarily – in other words, please post with kindness.

Any offensive, unkind or disparaging comments, or those designed to provoke a negative reaction, will be deleted.

Start a conversation, not a fire.

Thank you for your support

I just want to say thank you to all my readers for their support in my aim to provide a diverse, welcoming and non-judgmental space on the internet.

I see you, I am listening and I stand with you.

I hope you’ll join and support me.

*I can’t guarantee there won’t be an animal bias towards dogs and giraffes, however…